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The H.O.M.E. Transitional Network uses innovative strategies to provide transitional living and vocational career/entrepreneurship opportunities for individuals who face barriers to employment.


In collaboration with our Rural Communities Partners across North Carolina, we provide stable temporary living sites for people looking to reestablish themselves within their communities of choice.

We know reentering society can feel chaotic and difficult. If not managed properly, these stressors can cause recidivism. That’s why we offer housing and vocational support that will help you get back on your feet.

For populations who are most at risk for criminal justice involvement, supportive or affordable housing has been shown to be a cost-effective public investment, lowering corrections and jail expenditures and freeing up funds for other public safety investments."


Do you need help accessing transitional housing?

Your prior sentence is history. You deserve a fair opportunity to reestablish your life, despite your past convictions. That's why we offer transitional housing support—no rental agreements involved.

More than 22,000 people are released from North Carolina's state prison system every year. 
Our transitional home facilities (tiny homes) provide an important stepping stone for rehabilitating men as they get reintegrated into the community.
To learn more about justice reinvestment in North Carolina, read the Forward Justice report.

Who is part of the H.O.M.E. Transitional Network?

  • Unbiased housing operators

  • Residential contractors

  • Reentry programming consultants

  • Social justice advocates & investors

  • Peers with first-hand experience

  • Reentry resource database banks


What do we stand for?

We are all independent service providers, businesses or organizations with a shared belief in working together to address the core causes of the homelessness epidemic.


We are knowledgeable and communicate clearly in order to provide the best service, and alleviate the issues contributing to the displacement of those we work with.

We have started construction of tiny homes at 210 Bailey Lane, Vanceboro, that will ultimately be mobile and utilize spaces offered by rural communities and landowners. The project is set to launch in February 2021.

How we're different from other social programs


Funding is usually the first conversation you'll have when you enter social programs, but not ours. Though there is a Monthly Program Participation Fee, our main goal is to assist you in becoming self sufficient.

Our first conversation will be about your plans — because we know freedom begins with a plan.


Check out the details of the transitional housing process to know what you can expect.

Currently Incarcerated

Recently Released

In Post-Release Supervision Period

No Worries if you fall in the following:
Do I qualify?

Do I qualify for transitional housing support?

Are you a male at least 18 years of age? (*this is a requirement)

Do one of these apply?

Are you a justice-involved individual with a criminal record?

Were you convicted in a NC Court System?

Were you released homeless or rejected for housing due to being charged with a crime or past conviction?

If yes, then you qualify.

1. To get started, please CLICK link below to fill out an application for housing placement within our network.

2. After downloading the application, print and fill out by hand.

3. Either sign and scan the document, then return to us by email, or mail it to this address: PO Box 12274, New Bern, NC 28561.

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