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Culinary training and employment program.


New Bern has a thriving downtown scene, bursting with remarkable restaurants. To take advantage of this community asset and employ even more individuals with high barriers to employment, we are contracting with the Catalyst Kitchens team and partnering with local restaurant owners to create a culinary training program.

Catalyst Kitchens is a national initiative that seeks to transform the lives of individuals with high barriers to employment by training them in the foodservice industry. Since 2011, the organization has developed a network of 63 communities in 32 states, resulting in employment of over 15,000 individuals.

We are in the beginning stages of planning and are excited to be partnering with experts at Catalyst Kitchens to adapt their model in our community.

Coming Soon - Catalyst Kitchens building

Check back soon for updates.

Get in touch for further information or to discuss how to support the program.

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